Our Story

Bonjour and welcome to Mère veilleuse.

A place for you to flourish and feel empowered throughout your motherhood journey.

Mère veilleuse has been created with love and empathy by our founder, Elsa, with the sole purpose of ensuring mums feel nurtured and comfortable throughout what can be a challenging time.

Inspired by her own journey, Elsa shares her story of how she created Mère veilleuse:

“The first few weeks after the birth of my daughter, I was juggling between this huge overwhelming happiness that would fill me with strength and courage… along with discomfort, insecurity and a lack of nurturing that was sometimes hard to manage.

I was separated from my family in France and the loneliness was really hard, compounded by the usual issues of a traumatising birth, a month of ‘sleep’ on the couch as my daughter would not sleep in her bassinet, the colic, etc etc. There were so many things I couldn’t control and were not the way I had pictured.

In order to take some control back, I decided to put no pressure on myself with breastfeeding, just to give it a go. I found that being prepared with the right selection of resources made the experience so much better and easier than I was expecting… don’t get me wrong, it was still painful and challenging, but having the right products from the start made this part of the journey better, and brought me relief and confidence.

When I found the right combination of products, I wanted to share this with others. I started making hampers for friends who were about to give birth and they all had amazing feedback and experiences… one even told me she did not know if she would have been able to get through it without the selection  I made for her. I knew exactly what she meant, as this is what I felt.

I was so happy to be able to help them, and it gave me the confidence that I could help more mums… and this is how Mère veilleuse was born.

My desire is to nurture and support mums around the world by sourcing the best natural resources, as well as essential high quality products, whilst striving to respect Mother Earth. My wonders are available on their own , or through beautiful and thoughtful hampers so mums feel loved and supported, helping them embrace pregnancy and motherhood.

Long term, my vision is to create a community of women supporting one another. A village accessible even if you are unable to jump on a plane. Women who understand what you are going through and will offer compassion and empathy.

This is my dream, I hope you can join me.

A bientôt”


A bit of French....

If you’re wondering about the origins of the name:

Mère veilleuse
It is French (as is Elsa), and means ‘nurturing mum’.
It is our motto.

It means mother.
It is all about you.
It means wonderful.
One of our favourite synonym for mama.

Fun French Facts: if you take the first part of the word Mère,  ‘Mer’ it means sea… which is totally applicable for our natural nursing shells .

We hope you have enjoyed this mini-French lesson.

What we do

Mère veilleuse nurtures and supports all the wonderful mums around the world with their breastfeeding and motherhood journey by sourcing natural resources as well as essential high quality products, whilst striving to respect Mother Earth.

In a nut shell, or should we say in a nursing shell we:

  • Provide products that will help soothe, protect and nurture new mums and bubs.
  • Provide beautiful, nurturing and thoughtful hampers catering to the care and nourishment of a new mums bodily changes, breastfeeding challenges and self-care. The perfect treat for yourself or gift for a new mum!
  • Bring the amazing benefits of natural nursing shells to light through our carefully hand-selected and hand-polished Mer’veilles Natural Nursing Shells. Once you try them you’ll be converted… and feel like a mermaid!

We are always exploring and testing new products to add to our growing selection, with the aim to cover all the needs new mums and bubs have.
Mère veilleuse provides a genuine caring and delicate experience, for this special time in your motherhood journey.